A state of mind


I think that all down through history, when everyone out here in the mainstream talk about  how much we have advanced and learned and grown into the fine upstanding  “model” citizens that we should be we have lost the total essence of feelings, looking out for our families, and our fellow man as far as that goes. We have learned from television and our elected officials from a very young age to be so totally absorbed with ourselves that common sense has been thrown to the wolves.  Everyone wonders why the crime rate is so high and teenagers are in trouble. It is so simple that people in their carrier orientated rat race lives can not even see it.  In the depression people were poor, did not have anything to speak of but families cared more about each other and where more involved with each others lives than they are today and worked harder than most of us.  Then the world did not revolve around material crap and social status, it revolved around the people you loved. In the seventies when I was growing up my Mother was at home with me and my brother.  Not running off to some job so we could be brainwashed by daycare workers and public school teachers.  Everyone wonders why kids graduate and do not know how to read, its because those people who run the public schools really don’t care.  They want to teach your children how to be politically correct and that’s the agenda.  They want to keep you as far away from your children as possible so you have little or no influence on them whatsoever.  They want to keep everyone living in fear.  There is no unity in this country anymore and that’s the way Washington wants it, we know how good they are at stealing hearts and minds.


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