There was once a time when everything on this planet was in all actuality free.  There were no preconceived notions or no doubt the peoples of the past just knew, without being told.  Just looking at the green grass and smelling the freshness of everything around them made them understand that if they did right by Mother Earth she would always be there for them.  I think that is why early man had a greater knowledge of craftsmanship and ecology than we will ever know.  Everyone tries to make it seem as if it is some great mystery but the simple things are always the ones that evade or intelligent minds.  The simple things that make every living thing on this earth beat with the rhythm of one are something that we can not even fathom.  Our own selfishness and greed blinds us from our real task at hand, to be stewards of this earth to finally sit down and actually put something higher up on the pedestal other than ourselves, to maybe finally realize that everything on this planet is about more than just our comfort. It is like everything else in our history to steal, pillage and destroy whole cultures in the name of religion and gold and whatever other label we can put on it to justify our lust for everything we can get.  It is so sad that no one ever stands up for anyone anymore unless it pertains to what someone can gain from it.  I think that life is like a song, if you play that song on a guitar and it’s out of tune then it is what it is.  The song of life and nature has been put so far out of tune by our selfishness that we no longer even remember the melody.

                I think that people are so wrapped up in jobs and insane meaningless crap that they have totally forgotten why they are here.  Everyone wonders why we are separate from all living things in intellect and ingenuity.  We where given a gift by the powers that be and like everything other gift that has been given to us we used it for all the wrong reasons and as always with human nature we made all the wrong , choices.  I think that is why we hear nothing from whomever or whatever brought us into being, they realize we are a waste and pretty much a lost cause.

                Does anyone find it funny that people in the past, who tolled in the fields all day with their families, and pretty much had nothing but a little food in their bellies and the clothes on their back where happier and had a closer knit family than the SUV driving carrier minded soccer moms of today?  We have all the material wealth that average middle class America can obtain, but we are not as happy as “peasants” in the fields.   Who is actually the richer?    And what I do not understand is everyone acts like they do not see this.  I think that if we want to change this world and make it a better place, then people need to decide what the real priorities are in life, and finally say that the cars and money and prestige are not worth selling out the legacies of your family.  We need to quit making these oil companies and insurance brokers, and politicians rich while we struggle in life trying to figure something out that is constantly standing in front of us trying to make us see but we chose not to for some stupid asinine reason.


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